EMBARRASSING With Pics: Italian Journalists Humiliate Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho, Manchester United’s manager, is known for the bad relationships with the journalists and reporters, in addition to other managers in the Premier League.

Italian reporters targeted Jose Mourinho recently and made him get embarrassed in front of the cameras. According to the English news website, Metro, a group of Italian  journalists and reporters from Italy were waiting for Jose Mourinho outside of his hotel in Manchester and gave him a  Manchester United shirt to sign in, but the trick which made Jose Mourinho get embarrassed in front of the cameras and journalists is that the name on the back of the shirt was “Antonio Conte” which is Chelsea’s manager which Jose Mourinho is having a very bad relationship with recently.


Once Jose Mourinho noticed that, he put his hand on his face and closed his eyes but later he laughed about what happened.

Knowing that Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte were attacking each other recently in the press conference where Jose Mourinho called Conte a “cheater” and Conte called Mourinho a “fake little man” in some of their recent interviews.

Here are the pictures


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  1. The Journalists are the troubles theirselves

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