DEAL DONE: Alexis Sanchez To Man United

Alexis Sanchez news is the hottest today after confirming from several sources that he is on his way out of the Emirates Stadium after being dropped from Arsenal’s squad.

In a shocking report and exclusive kind of to BeIN Sports, Richard Keys, BeIN Sports reporter, has said that Manchester United and Arsenal agreed a 30 million British Pounds deal with the Chilean superstar, Alexis Sanchez.

Richard Keys said,” It appears that Manchester United and Arsenal have agreed on a 30million British Pound for the Chilean.”

However, nothing is officially confirmed, but this is a dramatic confirmation by BeIN sports, who are one of the credible sources and one of Premier League main broadcasters in many countries and regions.

Official confirmation is still needed, and we don’t claim any news.


Here is the video from BeIN Sports.


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  1. Good news, and happy to hear that

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