DEAL DONE 80% For A Midfielder Transfer

Manchester United are going into a very hot summer in the transfer windows where Manchester United’s board has given Jose Mourinho, Manchester United’s manager, for huge signings and big spending limit in the summer in order to renovate the team and replace and sign many players.

According to several reports from Italy and other sources, Manchester United are almost on the edge of announcing their first transfer of the season where one of Manchester United’s players is almost certain that he will be leaving the Old Trafford during the summer transfer windows.

The Belgian midfielder, Marouane Fellaini, is almost 80% an AC Milan player according to several reports after the Belgian midfielder didn’t renew his contract with the Red Devils, Manchester United, in the Premier League where he will be heading to the Italian Serie A as of next season after the world cup.

Marouane Fellaini was praised several times by Jose Mourinho and was called a tactical and key player in the squad, where Jose Mourinho showed some signs of willing to offer him a new contract, but it’s not clear yet whether the Belgian midfielder refused to renew his contract, or he wasn’t offered any contract extension by Manchester United.

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