De Gea Gets Into Premier League History With An All Time Record

David De Gea, Manchester United’s goalkeeper, has heavily contributed to the 3-1 win of his team against Arsenal in the Premier League Matchday 15 at the Emirates Stadium.


According to Sky Sports, David De Gea has made 14 saves against Arsenal, which is the most number of saves in a single Premier League match this season, and the most in the history of the Premier League as well.

David De Gea has equalized the best number of saves in the history of the Premier League, 14 saves in a single match, and that number reserved by two other goalkeepers who are Tim Krul with his team Newcastle United against Tottenham Hotspurs in November 2013, and Vito Mannone with his team Sunderland against Chelsea in April 2014.

The record of the most saves in a single match is held now by three goalkeepers, and De Gea is recent to join the list.

David De Gea was one of the best players on the pitch yesterday, if not the best, and has one of the best defensive records in the Premier League, and Europe as well with his clean sheets and a low number of conceded goals.


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