The Daily Mail Reveals The Reason Why Mourinho Isn’t Playing Ander Herrera

Ander Herrera is suffering this season from the lack of playing time after being one of the best players last season under Jose Mourinho where he played for 77 minutes only this season.



According to the Daily Mail, the real reason behind Herrera’s lack of playing time isn’t Matic only, but a personal issue between Herrera and Mourinho.

The Daily Mail reported that Herrera invited one of friends to Man United training ahead of Celta Vigo semi final match in Europa League, but Mourinho recognized the guest who turned out that his father played for Celta Vigo and later on he became a sporting director at Celta Vigo.

This caused Mourinho to call Herrera for his office and made Mourinhi angry which is showing the result this season where Mourinho isn’t depending on Herrera at all and preferring to rely on Fellaini.

Herrera wasn’t even on the bench against Basel in the Champions League and even included Carrick on the bench instead of Herrera.

However, Herrera’s contract expires next season, and there are no discussions so far to extend his contract.


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