Confirmed: Andreas Pereira To Join Valencia

According to the English journal,Express, Andrea’s Pereira’s future has became clearer after Valencia’s owner confirms reaching an agreement with Manchester United over Andrea’s Pereira.

Andreas Pereira, 21 years old, seems to be out of Jose Mourinho’s plan for this season and is set to join Valencia on a one year loan to develop him self after showing a great talent and improvement during his loan spell last season to Grenada.

According to Sport Deportivo, Peter Lim, Valencia’s owner, has visited The Old Trafford and agreed about Pereira’s deal and Mourinho gave him the green light to sign the Brazilian midfielder.

Moreover, Valencia’s direction Alemany, said: “I don’t like to say names or talk about negotiations but they (Pereira and Guedes) are two players that interest us.”

This loan deal is good for everyone, where Valencia seems a good destination for Pereira to gain experience after their draw against Real Madrid yesterday in Santiago Bernabeu.

Pereira is expected to join Valencia within hours before the summer transfer windows closes.

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