The Cheslea Legend Who Supported Man United, And A Current Man United Player Who Supported Chelsea

Manchester United and Chelsea match next Sunday, November 5, at the Stamford Bridge in one of the most tensed matches in the Premier League, especially this season after all what happened last season, and especially with having a former Chelsea players in Man United such as Mata, Lukaku, and Matic, and the special one, Jose Mourinho, Chelsea’s former manager.


With all the tension recently and historically between the teams and fans, there are two main players who supported the rival team in their life.

John Terry

There is no doubt John Terry is one of the most loyal and legendary players in the Premier League history, and Chelsea’s history as well. Terry is known for his love and loyalty to Chelsea and their fans. However, he used to be a Manchester United supporter and fan in his childhood. Knowing that Terry’s father and his grandfather were Manchester United fans.


Luke Shaw

Man United currently has several Chelsea players such as Mata,Matic, and Lukaku who may have a respect for the time they played in Chelsea. But another player who used to support is Chelsea is the current Manchester United player, Luke Shaw.

The former Southampton player, Shaw, didn’t ignore the fact that he used to support Chelsea in his childhood, and was considering Cole and Drogba as his heros and idols. Knowing that Chelsea was interested in signing Luke Shaw in 2014 before he signs for Man United.

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