Where Can Zlatan Ibrahimovic Player With Lukaku?

After Zlatan Ibrahimovic, 35 years old, signed a new contract with Manchester United, everyone Red Devil fan is wondering where will he play when he comes back from injury after signing Lukaku?


We are writing our article about the possible positions Ibrahimovic can play for Manchester United.


Playing with two strikers


Mourinho can play with two strikers up front with the formation 4-4-2, 3-4-1-2 with Mata or Mkhitaryan behind Ibra and Lukaku, or even 3-5-2.



Playing Ibra behind Lukaku


Mourinho hinted that Zlatan Ibrahimovic can play the number 10 role as well and play behind the striker.

Mourinho said after Zlatan signed a new contract: “I just think that my squad is surely better. Zlatan is one an extra option for us, he is one more striker, he is one more experienced player, he is one more player that can play in the number 9 role in addition to the number 10 role. We can play double strikers or single striker. We have a lot of matches this season.”


Rotating Ibrahimovic and Lukaku

Mourinho said that his team has a lot of matches to play this season, and he may consider rotating Lukaku and Ibrahimovic. Even though making Ibra sit on the bench is something “hard” to achieve, but with Mourinho, Ibra’s favorite manager, he seems to be accepting to rest in some matches.



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