BREAKING Sky Sports: Man United To Announce A New Player TOMORROW!

Manchester United fans have received a bold transfer news after Sky Sports have officially confirmed that Manchester United are going to officially announce a huge signing in the coming few hours.

Manchester United have just officially announced one player during this summer transfer windows who is the Portuguese under 21 international defender, Diogo Dalot, from the Portuguese giant, Porto, where the Portuguese defender will be playing as an RB or LB with Manchester United.

On the other hand, Manchester United are set to announce a top rated player in the coming few hours, where many reports suggest that it will be tomorrow, Thursday, where Manchester United are set to announce the Brazilian international midfielder, Fred Rodrigues, from the Ukranian giant, Shakhtar Donetsk.

Fred Rodrigues was reported that he secured his transfer to Manchester United, but he wasn’t officially announced as a Manchester United yet due to a delay in the work permit where it’s reported according to several sources such as Sky Sports, that has been finally granted to him, which means Manchester United can announce the player.


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