BREAKING: Pogba Confirms He Could Man United This Summer

The Red Devils fans have received a bold transfer news today, Sunday, as one of Manchester United’s key players has confirmed that he could be leaving the club this summer.

The French international midfielder, Paul Pogba, has confirmed today that he could be leaving Manchester United during the summer transfer window for a new challenge, where his next destination is expected to be Real Madrid.

Paul Pogba said:” Like what you have said, there is a lot of speculation and talking and thinking as well. For me, I am in Manchester United for three years and I did great, a lot of good moments and some bad moments like everywhere else.”

Paul Pogba continued:” After this season and everything that happened, after having my best season as well, I think it could be a good chance and time to have a new challenge somewhere else (away from Manchester United). I am thinking about that (having a new challenge somewhere else).

Knowing that Paul Pogba was heavily linked with a move to Real Madrid since over a year, and he could be leaving this summer to join the former Premier League star, Eden Hazard.

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