Paul Pogba To Make A BIG Announcement TODAY!

Paul Pogba, Manchester United’s midfielder and superstar, has announced on his official Instagram account that he will be making a big announcement later on today, which left many Manchester United fans into doubt about the type of announcement the French player will be making.

The French international player, Paul Pogba, has promised his fans and Manchester United fans through a picture on social media that he will be making a big announcement today where he shared a picture on Instagram and its caption was ” paulpogbaNow caption this ? big announcement later today”.

According to the Mirrors, Paul Pogba has shared the same picture after Mourinho’s departure from Manchester United before he removes it after a while after the criticism the player got because of it.

Knowing that Paul Pogba is a target for several European clubs during the winter transfer windows where some think that the announcement could be his departure from Manchester United, and others think that it’s related to Jose Mourinho’s departure, and others as well think that it could be a personal thing related to Paul Pogba.


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