BREAKING NEWS: Sanchez Closer To Moving To Man United After Man City Ready To Withdraw

In a breaking news in the recent few minutes and hours from several news sources and reports, Manchester United are getting closer to sign Alexis Sanchez.

The recent reports from several British news sources such as the Guardian, Manchester United Evening News, and others, Manchester City are close to withdraw and walk away from Alexis Sanchez deal, and they won’t be interested in signing the Chilean forward anymore after Manchester United joined the race and showed the interest in signing Alexis Sanchez.

Manchester City is reported to offer Arsenal around 20m British Pounds, while Manchester United’s offer is 25million GBP, which is five more millions than Manchester city’s offer, and the offer may increase as well and it may include the Armenian player, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, in a swap deal.

Manchester United seems more eager to sign Alexis Sanchez, and they are willing to exceed’s Manchester City’s offer where Manchester City doesn’t seem so interested in signing Alexis Sanchez as much as before after confirming that Gabriel Jesus, Manchester City’s striker, will be back from the injury much sooner than expected in two or three weeks, after doubting that he will be out for several months.

Knowing that Alexis Sanchez’s agent has dropped a hint today that Sanchez may go to Man United after following Manchester United on Twitter.

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