According to the Spanish radio,Cadena SER, The Portuguese legend, Cristoano Ronaldo, who currently plays for Real Madrid, said that he wants to go back to England on Friday.

Cadena SER has reported that Ronaldo said to the judge in the court: ” I have never faced any issues in England. That’s why I want to go back”

Ronaldo is facing tax issues and is accused of not paying around 15M Euros by hiding his revenue in a private company he owned in 2010.

Ronaldo, 32 years old, moved from Manchester United to  Real Madrid in 2009 and he is facing charges that may lead to a 3 years of prison and a fine at least of 28M Euros which may force him to leave Spain and go back to England and specifically Manchester United.

Neymar faced such issues in Spain and one of the reasons of him leaving Barcelona may be the tax issues he faced after his transfer from Santos to Barcelona.

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