BREAKING NEWS With Pic: Adidas Announces Dybala To Man United

It looks like the announcement of players by mistakes by the sport’s sponsors is trending these days after Adidas confirms Paulo Dybala’s arrival to Manchester United.

Manchester United’s shirt d outfit sponsor, Adidas, has tweeted something on Twitter before they delete it according to reports.

Adidas seems that they are following the footsteps of Nike, who announced Philipe Coutinho’s arrival to Barcelona few days before the official announcement by a leaked page on their website and they quickly deleted it later, but it was too late. Adidas is reported to be done the same thing, and they tweeted:”New predator, New club, New challenge, Welcome Dybala to the theatre of Dreams #PREDATOR.”

Knowing that Manchester United is looking for a striker after Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s injury, and Romelu Lukaku’s bad form recently which made Manchester United go into a goal drought and most of the goals recently were coming from the wingers or midfielders such as Juan Mata and Jesse Lingard.

However, some reports this tweet was real and some say it’s fake, nothing can be officially confirmed due to the absence of evidence at this moment, the coming few days will reveal the truth.

Here is the tweet that is “said” to be tweeted by Adidas’s UK official account


  1. I’d trust the other more if he could write in English.

  2. Manchester United needs to have at least one good creative midfielder and at least three good fullbacks to win the title next year

  3. The problem at United may not be the players or coaches but the technical side have to revise their decisive issues

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