BREAKING NEWS: Matic Leaves The Pitch Injured

Nemanja Matic, Manchester United’s midfielder, is suspected to be injured after getting subbed off during Watford’s match just a few minutes after starting the second half.


Nemanja Matic was subbed off in the 55th minute due to a suspected injury he picked up, where he collapsed on the ground before getting subbed and for his teammate, Ander Herrera,

Matic walked out slowly while getting subbed, and his facial expressions and the way of walking showed that he may be suffering a muscular issue and wasn’t able to walk properly.

Matic was one of Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United’s manager, key players and helped Manchester United win several matches and gave freedom for Manchester United’s midfielder and most expensive player, Paul Pogba, and freed him from the defensive duties in order to help in the offense which resulted in seeing Paul Pogba’s real abilities this season.

Manchester United has crucial matches against Arsenal and the Manchester Derby against Manchester City next month, and Nemanja Matic should be able to play in those crucial matches.

Stay tuned for the latest official news about Matic’s injury

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