BREAKING: Man United Player Including in Balon Dór Top Players

The Red Devils fans have received a bold news after one of their key players has been named as one of the best players in the world and reached the short list of the Balon Dór short list.

According to France Football official website and list of the top 29 players for this year, 2018, several Premier League players have been named in this list, but just one Manchester United player made it to the top 29 players in the world.

The French international and world cup winner, Paul Pogba, has been named as one of the best players in the world where he ranked in 15th place above Sadio Mane, Firminho, Aguero, Bale, and many other superstars.

Knowing that Paul Pogba was the only Manchester United player to be named in the France Football short list, regardless of all the critics and his shaky performance this season with Manchester United.

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  1. collins valentine (pogba jr)

    Paul Pogba should Know that he is the best player in the world, He is gonna win that ballon d’or someday, I predict it will be in 2019.

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