Bad News: Rashford May Be Suffering A Knee Injury

Manchester United’s night wasn’t so good yesterday in terms of performance, even though Man United benefited form Benfica’s keeper mistake which gave them the three points.


Manchester United won 1-0 over Benfica from Rashford’s kick that got into the net after Benfica’s keeper failed to stay outside the net after holding the ball. However, Man United’s night got worse after Rashford left the pitch injured before the end of the match.


Jose Mourinho has confirmed after that match that Rashford felt something in his knee and asked to be replaced. However, it’s still not confirmed whether it’s serious or not. Knowing that Rashford was suffering an injury last week, and maybe it’s the same injury again.

Man United is suffering several injuries, which Mourinho said was the reason he couldn’t make changes to his squad in against Benfica.

Man United injury list includes Bailly,Fellaini,Pogba,Rojo,Ibrahimovic,Carrick, and recently Rashford if it gets confirmed that he is injured for long.



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