Bad News… Pogba May Not Play Until The End Of The Year

After more than 10 days of Pogba’s injury, Manchester United still didn’t confirm his absence duration for an unknown reason which is getting Man United fans into fear of a long term injury.

Jose Mourinho is still not answering, or doesn’t know, about Pogba’s injury whenever he is asked, and he is always insisting that he will “not cry” about Pogba’s injury and absence.

According to several reports, Paul Pogba’s injury may not be as short as expected, and he may be out from 8 to 12 weeks, which means hey may not play again with Man United until late December.

When Mourinho was asked if Pogba will be out for 12 weeks he said:” 12 days or 12 weeks, I don’t know. I won’t cry over his absence”.

Weirdly there is still no official statement from Manchester United after more than 10 days of the injury.

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