Alexis Sanchez To Undergo Medicals Today At Man United

Alexis Sanchez deal seems it’s almost going to an end after the recent news and reports from different sources about Alexis Sanchez moving to Manchester United in the coming few hours.

According to the Mirrors and other sources, Alexis Sanchez, Arsenal’s striker, had a dramatic change in his situation with the Gunners where he was expected to play a part in Arsenal’s squad against Crystal Palace today at home, but then Alexis Sanchez received a call at 11 PM London time, which made him leave the hotel and head to Manchester in order to undergo medical exams in Manchester United as the reports claim.

This happened after the improvement in the talks over Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Manchester United’s forward, who is expected to be going to Arsenal in a direct swap deal between the two clubs where Manchester United will be getting Alexis Sanchez and Arsenal will be getting Henrikh Mkhitaryan and no cash is involved according to reports.

Stay tuned for the latest news about Alexis Sanchez and transfers for Manchester United today.

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