5 Reasons Why Man United Drew With Stoke City

Manchester United fans didn’t expect their team to suffer against Stoke City that much, even though playing against Stoke City away is a hard mission for any team. However, Manchester United didn’t perform as it was expected from its fans.


In our report, we are listing 5 reasons why Manchester United drew against Stoke City


1-Defensive issues:

Actually, Man United faced defensive crises yesterday, especially from Eric Bailly’s side, where he was responsible for Stoke’s first goal because he didn’t cover Eric Maxim, who scored the first goal, and allowed him to go easily from the offside trap.

In addition, Jones and Darmian didn’t have the best match this season. However, De Gea saved Man United from 5-2 result or even more.


2-Ander Herrera And Pogba

Ander Herrera is an amazing player, but it doesn’t seem he can play with Matic in the way Mourinho played them yesterday. Herrera played instead of Mata, which made Matic the only one in the midfield responsible for cutting the balls and defensive side, which made Man United lose the ball a lot in the midfield.

Moreover, Pogba was completely freed from his defensive duties, which made it even worse for Matic.

3-Runelu Lukaku

Even with scoring a goal, but Lukaku missed several chances, especially one to one chance in the last minutes of the match where he was able to score the winning goal and earn two more points for his team, but he missed in a strange way. Lukaku wasn’t critical enough yesterday.


4-Team Confidence

The team got in with high confidence, which is a good thing, but over confidence may lead to such results. Mourinho has to let his players’ feet back to the ground, and play again without thinking the three points are already in the pocket.


5-International break

The international break was clearly one of the main reason for Man United, in addition to many other clubs. The winning mentality and rhythm of Man United was affected by the two weeks break, and many players were exhausted from the international break and their national teams. Especially the players who go to South America or Africa.

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