5 Reasons Why Alexis Sanchez Fits In Man United More Than Man City And Mourinho Should Sign Him

After the frustrating lose to Liverpool, Alexis Sanchez’s future is in a big doubt and Sanchez may consider an exist from the Gunners before the end of the month.

Alexis Sanchez’s destination is still not clear, even though the majority confirms that Manchester City, with Sanchez’s former manager Pep, is his future destination.

However, Manchester United is the ideal destination for Sanchez and perfect player for Manchester United for the 5 following reasons.


Alexis Sanchez is a Premier League proven

Manchester United needs a winger, and during the summer Man United was linked with Ivan Perisic from Inter Milan who scored 11 goals in 36 league games. While on the other hand, Sanchez scored 24 goals in 38 league games and double digits assists. Huge difference between the two players.

Perisic plays in Italy’s Serie A, which is an easier league compared to the Premier League and may not perform well in the Premier League like Serie A, while Sanchez is already proven.


Alexis Sanchez is two footed player

Alexis Sanchez is a right footed player but at the same time, a two footer player. Sanchez can play in several positions and perform well. Sanchez can play as a left winger,right winger, and even a striker.

Sanchez’s left foot may be better than naturally left footed player.


Manchester United needs a world class player

If Manchester United wants to win the league, they should have a strong bench. Lingard is a good player, but not to Sanchez’s level or a player that can make the difference if he comes off the bench.

Manchester United now has Martial,Lingard and Rashford who are playing on the left wing. But non of them can make the difference in big matches or in Champions league.


Manchester City has a lot of players in Sanchez’s position

Manchester City has a lot of players who play in Sanchez’s position such as Kevin De Bruyne,David Silva,Bernardo Silva,Gabriel Jesus,Sergio Aguero,Raheem Sterling, and Leroy Sane. Sanchez isn’t the type that likes to sit on the bench, maybe some games, but does he really fit in such crowded club?


Manchester United needs a winning mentality player

As every football fan knows, Alexis Sanchez is one of the most ambitious players in the world with a winning mentality who gives 100% every time he is on the pitch. Manchester United lacks such players after many of the golden generation players left or retried.

Zlatan may be one player who has such mentality and ambition, but with Sanchez in the team, United will be different.



What do you think? is Sanchez perfect for United?


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