5 Benefits For Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s Return To Manchester United

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is getting ready to sign a new contract with Manchester United in the coming few days after he got recovered from the injury he picked up last April.

Today we are writing a report that shows 5 benefits for Ibra’s return to the old Trafford and how it will affect Man United.


1-The Team

Man United’s squad will benefit from the return of Zlatan due to his leadership role and importance on the pitch and off the pitch as well. Knowing that Ibra is Mourinho’s one of the most favorite players and both trust each other.

Ibra will provide the needful experience for the young players such as Rashford as well.


2-Romelu Lukaku

Lukaku will not be alone up front now. Ibra and Lukaku can do a great partnership during the season, or even resting one player and playing the other. Knowing that Man United will fight on 4 sides this season.

Moreover, Lukaku will learn from Zlatan as well. Lukaku is just 24 years old , while Zlatain is almost 36 and played in several leagues and will surely improve the Belgium striker.



3-Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba, who was the most expensive player ever until this month,had a great partnership with Zlatan Ibrahimovic. In addition, Paul Pogba’s relationship with Lukaku is significant as well. Which will make an incredible trip Romelu,Ibra, and Pogba. RIP.

Knowing that Matic will free Pogba from the defensive duties with Man United unlike last season.



4-Man United financials

There is no doubt that Zlatan is a great name for any trademark and sponsor. Last year Zlatan and Pogba’s shirt sales reached more than 300M GBP within months. Which means Zlatan’s  new contract will boost Manchester United’s revenue.


5-Winning over Manchester City

It is expected that this season the league title will be in Manchester. Either City or United. Zlatan’s arrival will boost Man United’s attack which increases the posibilites of United winning over Man City, United’s main competitor in the league.

City’s defense is their main weakness. Winning 6 points against City means United will be having a higher chance securing the league.




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